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Scottish PF Conference 2017 Scottish PF Camp 2017

Scottish PF Conference 2017

The National Conference of the Pagan

Federation (Scotland)


Saturday 13 May 2017


Still at the new venue this year:
Teviot Row House
13 Bristo Square, Edinburgh EH8 9AJ

10.00am - 11.00pm

Programme for the day!

10.20 am - Welcome and announcements
10.30 am – Gary Kidgell – Astrology and the Spiritual Path
11.40 am – Geraldine Beskin – Crowley and Dion Fortune: Early Sexologists
12.40 pm - Lunch Break
2.15 pm – Jen McCorkell – Occult of Ancient Metal Smithing and Paganism Today
3.10 pm – Geraldine Beskin – Tarot Tour of London
4.15 pm – Elaine Hindle – Balancing the chakras
5.00 pm - Raffle draw
5.45 pm - Ritual talk through followed by Our Inclusive Ritual of Hope
6.30 pm – Post ritual Q & A
7.00 pm - dinner break
8.30 pm – Blackleaf 40 – Live Band – in the Debating Hall

Advanced ticket sales have closed - tickets will be available on the door for £17.00



Crowley and Dion Fortune: Early Sexologists

Geraldine Beskin

Dion Fortune was a very successful Psychoanalyst - Aleister Crowley less so but it didn't stop him trying! They were bang on trend with their sexual healing and when the monstrous Marie Stopes was thrown into the mix, millions of lives were changed forever. 

Geraldine Beskin has witch blood from both sides of her family and she and her daughter own The Atlantis Bookshop. She reads what she sells and knows how hard it is to write a book too as she is working on her first one. Geraldine gives Talks on various aspects of the Western Mysteries and particularly enjoys researching the biographical ones as the people that are so important deserve to be more properly known, not reduced to sound bites. They were fabulous, and so are we, partly because we can use their wit and wisdom wisely.

Metalsmithing and Paganism

Occult of Ancient Metal Smithing and Paganism Today

A phenomenological Exploration of Metal and Magic

with Dr Jennifer Lauxman McCorkell.

Metal objects and the human process needed to create them have long been associated with magic, myth and lore.   Take a fascinating journey back through time to learn the secrets of the ancient metal smiths.  Explore how the magic they formed still impacts us today.

Jennifer,  works in the conservation of perishing or lost craft skills and has a particular interest in ancient metal smithing.  Using a combination of archaeology and phenomenology she works to reconstruct the lost technology of ancient practices. She holds advanced degrees in art and metal smithing, experimental archaeology and museology (museum studies). 

This will be a multimedia lecture with lecture notes and a display of metal technology from ancient times to present.

Astrology and the Spiritual Path

Gary Kidgell

At the core of all esoteric and religious teachings is the descent of spirit into matter and its subsequent return to source., commonly referred to as the 'spiritual path.' Various 'keys to the mysteries' have been elaborated throughout the ages as a means of assisting one towards effecting spiritual transformation. Esoteric or Soul-Centred Astrology provides a contemporary key to the mystery which serves to connect one to the purpose of the Soul or higher Self by virtue of a 'language of symbols' related to the content of our astrological natal chart - our personal mandala symbolising our path towards obtaining what Carl Jung described as 'individuation' or 'wholeness of being.

Gary Kidgell is a professional astrologer and spiritual teacher who specialises in Esoteric Astrology - a form of astrology related to the purpose of the Soul. Gary has studied esoteric and metaphysical teachings, together with astrology, for over thirty years and has given lectures and workshops on these subjects extensively in both the U.K. and in Europe. He has recently published a book entitled 'The Inner Journey: Pathways to the Higher Self'. Copies are available for purchase at the event.

Balancing the chakras

Elaine Hindle

This talk is about Chakra Balancing but from the viewpoint of being Pagan and how this can be of use in centring and grounding for ritual, spiritual connection and magical work. There will also be a practical side to the talk. As I will be doing the chakra balance with everyone as well. Once they have learned this, they will then be able to do it for themselves.


 Elaine Hindle is an Eclectic Witch who feels a great connection with the earth. She is a qualified Holistic Therapist and Poet.She has been involved with the Pagan Community in Glasgow and Paisley for a number of years and helps run The Equinox Moot in Glasgow and has experience in running rituals.


Tarot Tour of London

by Geraldine Beskin

This Talk uses 22 of London's landmarks as a way of learning the Tarot. Obviously the London Eye is the Wheel of Fortune and the Tower of London is the Tower card. Others are not so immediately apparent but using the myths, legends and folklore that represent the Genus Loci of the sites, the cards come into a sharper focus.

Stalls open - 10 - 6


Conference ritual is an inclusive ritual of hope


evening entertainment - click here for more information- Blackleaf 40

Lead singer, Chad Rae, has been part of the Scottish Pagan community for more than 25 years. We are delighted to welcome his band to the conference.


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