Matt Cormack

Multi-Faith Celebration

Multi-Faith Celebration Matthew Cormack with the Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf.

July 2023 Over the last year the Scottish Pagan Federation has been an active member of the Scottish Government’s Faith and Belief Representative Group. The group’s purpose is for different faith communities within Scotland to be able to discuss issues facing their communities and how we can work together to address these. Our Deputy Presiding […]

SPF Conference 2023

SPF Conference 2023 The SPF logo. A Tree with two thistles is inside a circle. There is a sun in the tree with the letter S. On either side of the tree are the letters P and F.

By Matt Cormack, June 2023   It is with a great sense of joy that I am able to share some important news with you. The SPF will be having our first in-person conference since 2019!    Our last in-person SPF conference was in 2019. In 2020 and 2022 we hosted online conferences due to […]

Update on the Pagan Discrimination Survey

Update on the Pagan Discrimination Survey A sigil on canvas with Theban lettering around it. There is a rainbow handprint over the sigil. The sigil is to protect LGBTQIA+ people.

By Matt Cormack, November 2022 In March 2021 our Presiding Officer, Steffy Von Scott, and Deputy Presiding Officer, Helen Woodsford-Dean, wrote to several Scottish Government Ministers and MSPs regarding the results of the Pagan Discrimination Survey. There was an initial response from the Scottish Government to acknowledge they had received our letters in 2021.   […]

The Memorial Project Commemorating the Victims of the Orkney Witchcraft Trials

The Memorial Project Commemorating the Victims of the Orkney Witchcraft Trials The Orkney Memorial Tablet. There is a compass in the middle with the words "In memory of those accused of witchcraft". Around the sides of the compass are the words "They wur cheust folk".

By Helen Woodsford-Dean, 2022 Between 2013 and 2019, Dr Ragnhild Ljosland and Helen Woodsford-Dean worked with the Orkney Heritage Society to install a small memorial to the victims of Orkney’s witch-trials. The original inspiration for the project came from a lecture given by Professor Liv Helene Willumsen in 2012, invited by the Centre for Nordic […]

On Leading the Pagan Prayer for COP26 Interfaith Vigil, Samhain, 2021

On Leading the Pagan Prayer for COP26 Interfaith Vigil, Samhain, 2021 A tree in the centre with other trees in the background. There is mist surrounding the trees.

By Linda Haggerstone, 2021 As National Interfaith Officer for the SPF, and prior to taking on the role, I’m frequently asked two quite reasonable questions, “…but what do Pagans do?” This refers to both belief and action. The latter, I must highlight, especially concerns our relationships with and contributions to the wider world in which […]

Wicca: An Introduction

Wicca: An Introduction A large ball of rose quartz sits on an altar cloth. To the left there is a wooden disk with a pentagram on it. To the right is a wand. Above there is a wooden athame with an Amathyst crystal.

By John Macintyre, 2005 Wicca is a Pagan witchcraft tradition; an approach to religion that combines both high magic and spellcraft within a religious framework that has a very strong emphasis on Goddess-worship. While probably the largest, the best known – in name at least – and most influential tradition within modern Paganism, Wicca is […]

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