Pagan Pride

The SPF's Anniversary online event on held on 19 March 2022.

You can view the YouTube video of each talk by clicking on the links below.

Welcome Address and Keynote Talk

10.00 am - Welcome Address - Steffy Von Scott - SPF Presiding Officer - Pride in Paganism

10.15 am - Keynote Talk - Vivianne Crowley - From 'Wicca' to 'Wild Once' - Pagan Spirituality Today

Pagan History

11.30 am - Jean Fowler - The Story of the Scottish PF

12.00 pm - Historic Footage - John Macintyre in 1999 on Grampian TV

12.30 pm - An Interview with Oberon Well with Jean Fowler

Mental Health and Wellbeing - live panel discussion

1.00 pm Paganism and Mental Health Discussion Panel with SPF Mental Health Officer Matt Cormack and Special Guest Speakers: Lucia Harrington & Archie Hamilton

Witch Trials and Witch Trial Memorials

2.00 pm - Dr Louise Yeoman - A wander through the Scottish witch hunt (further podcasts by Louise on this subject are available at:

2.40 pm - Helen Woodford-Dean - SPF Deputy Presiding Officer - The Orkney Witchcraft Memorial

Historic moments and Archive Footage

3.15 pm - John Macintyre - Press Conference on Equal Marriage in 2011

3.20 pm - John Macintyre - Scottish Parliament Equalities Event in 2007

3.25 pm - John Macintyre - Debating at the Edinburgh Festival of Spirituality

Interfaith Engagement

3.30 pm - Linda Haggerstone - SPF National Interfaith Officer - Let's talk about Interfaith Dialogue

3.50 pm - John Macintyre - Our Journey into Interfaith Recognition

Closing Address and the very earliest history of Pagan Federation

5.00 pm - Sarah Kerr - Pagan Federation President - 50 years of the Pagan Federation

5.45 pm - Prudence Jones - Pagan Federation Campaigns - A Memoir

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