The SPF Conference will be on Saturday the 14th of September 2024.

You can find out more about our presenters below.

In-Person Presenters

Alexander Tracy Rigg

@oceanallover is an institution in Scottish (and internationally) perfomance world.
His work is recognisable and all-encompassing.
Over a three-decade personal and creative journey exploring the profound link between the spiritual and personal, the micro and macro, leaving an indelible mark on paper and people alike.
With diverse practices and broad-minded curiosity, he'll shed light on the essential harmony of maintaining a truly focused perspective while embracing multifaceted interests.
Don't miss his insightful talk and immersive performance workshop on cultivating beauty in all things by honing your perception of the world around you.

Avi Lago

Unravelling the mysteries of the tantrik wisdom goddesses is @avi.lago in our next speaker announcement for the 2024 Conference on the 14th of September.
Join Avi as the the practices of Tantra will be explored from a living practice and an experience of what it’s like living in a world where the mundane and spiritual are woven as one. The Goddess Kali shall give those attending an opportunity to experience her in ways that aren’t found in books.
An honour to have Avi joining us.
Jai ma guru!

Scott Richardson-Read and Eileen Budd

Next up on our conference lineup is going to be a collaborative talk by Scott Richardson-Read @cailleachsherbarium (Cailleachs Herbarium) and Eileen Budd @eileenbudd (Storyteller and folklorist).
By Bannock and Crowdie - Fire Turns Envy – Exploring Scottish Folk - Beliefs and everyday Scottish Folk Magic
Together they will explore the diverse domestic magic in Scotland - from the humble Bannock to the use of the hearth fire to protect the home and ward a community but also provide charms (eòlas cronachaidh) against the evil eye (an droch shùi) and other practices associated with the home and community. Scott will lead the discussion which will
be brought life by Eilleen unique storytelling with tales from her family; traveller family traditions and adding in her own unique warmth and insight.
Scott Richardson-Read is an independent researcher, published author, activist, and Scottish folk magic practitioner. With several master's degrees, he explores Scottish folklore, customs, practices, and
traditions, weaving together academic, archival, experiential, and local knowledge to understand their relevance today and inform a tradition based on historical and social reality.
Eileen Budd, a Scottish author, artist, and storyteller, has over 20 years of experience working with national museums. Raised in Perthshire in a family that maintains oral storytelling traditions, she specializes in traditional Scottish folklore, folk traditions
connected to objects, origin stories, and ancient legends. With her independent Travelling Folk Museum, Eileen brings Scottish stories from working-class history and folklore to life for audiences of all ages through storytelling, illustration, and historic object handling.

Moss Matthey

Continuing on the speakers announcement for 2024 EXOTERICA, we have Moss Matthey @magic_of_the_moss, a German-Welsh witch, druid and author, writing for Llewellyn and Moon Books.
Bringing us "Lessons from German Folk Magic".
German folk magic is a rich and historic collection of traditions. Growing from the practices of everyday people, it is deeply practical and very accessible. This talk will delve into a few aspects common to German magic, including demystifying the Pentagram and showcasing the power of simple spoken words in magic. Fancy tools and expensive equipment aren't always necessary, when we look to these historic traditions we find that simple and everyday items usually produce the most potent results.
Moss has been published in several magazines and anthologies, and speaks regularly at Pagan events across the UK and online. His practice is heavily informed by his German and Welsh upbringing, having been born in the Harz Mountains of Germany and living in North Wales. He is also a member of OBOD and the Welsh language coven Cylch y Sarffes Goch.

Brett Hollyhead

we have Brett Hollyhead (@witch_of_salopia) with his "Brew-tiful art of Tasseomancy Workshop"
Limited to 35
Steeping below the surface, at the bottom of the tea cup, is a world brimming with magic and mystery. This easy, accessible and uncomplicated method of divination has existed for centuries across a diverse range of cultures; each accessing the guidance and wisdom alongside the medicinal properties infused within.
Join Brett in this workshop as he spills the tea on the history of Tasseomancy. Have a go yourself at interpreting the symbolic meanings of the leaves and receive a little tea blend to take home with you to practise your divinatory skills. Applicable to all tea lovers whether you're into green, black, or 50 shades of Earl Grey
Known in the magical circles as the Witch of Salopia, Brett is a devoted Folk Witch, born and raised with the stories, traditions, and magic of the Welsh Marches. He is a workshop leader, public speaker across the UK, and author of thr upcoming book on Sabrina: Goddess Of the River Severn with Moon Books. Brett is also a regular contributor to several zines and has appeared on both Welsh and Japanese television to share the folklore of his home. He is also a professional pole dance instructor and proud member of both OBOD and the Welsh Coven Cylch y Sarffes Goch.

Simone Seales

Simone is an interdisciplinary cellist and collaborator passionate about creating spaces of radical joy and healing.
They will bring "Collective Healing in Sound and Poetry"
Simone Seales will be leading a talk on the power of music and poetry to bring people together into a healing space. Poetry and sound have the ability to tap into our internal worlds, and can safely invite us to experience particular emotional states of being.
Simone will curate a selection of poems to read and improvise from and to discuss with the audience.
The workshop will include a sonic meditation by Pauline Oliveros.
In the true spirit of what exoteric power and knowledge means can't wait to have them deliver this!

Online Speakers

Details coming soon.


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