Returning to our Roots

The SPF Conference will be on Saturday the 11th of November 2023.

You can find out more about the vendors at our conference here.



Barbara Mair has been a member of the SPF for more than 20 years. She started her business – Crafty Dark Aunty – in 2020. She has a regular base at The Barras Market in Glasgow (the London Road end) and with the help of her family attends markets around Glasgow, Largs and Hamilton.
She makes sacred necklaces which can be worn as decoration, or as used for meditation and ritual practices. She also makes bracelets and earrings. All her necklaces and bracelets are made out of semi-precious gems and are mindfully created with intent.
Where she cannot make what she wants, she sources the items to offer the Pagan Community a chance to buy meaningful or quirky pendants on chains or cords, and rings with Pagan or nature themes.
She also crochets. Her own patterns are the Goddess Altar Dolls and Rune/Elemental Bears, but she will crochet most anything so long as it has a Pagan or Nature theme. Where she uses other people’s patterns, these patterns are credited on the label. If you want something bespoke, let her know. She takes commissions.
Below is a picture of the Autumn Goddess Altar Doll, part of a commissioned set of four starting this Spring. The dolls were spaced to out so the customer could pay for them individually and are produced at the start of the season they represent.
You can find Crafty Dark Aunty here:
Facebook - Crafty Dark Aunty,
Instagram - Dark Aunty



Troll`s Eye Crafts (the name derived from a Scandinavian folktale) has been trading at the Pagan Federation Scottish Conferences since the very first one. Danielle makes hand tooled leatherwork and mounts for drinking horns, jewellery and tools of Craft. Alistair makes hand carved and painted wood rune and ogham divination sets, and runic amulets .
Rune Sets & Runic Amulets
Drinking Horns
Celtic & Viking Designs
Leatherwork & Jewellery



Wyn is a ceramicist, author and artist, her work is inspired by ancient cultures and their mythologies and beliefs, which she story-weaves into her work, keeping their stories alive. Creating beautiful stoneware pieces, ranging from stunning Ancestor Temples to chalices & mugs, Wyn works alongside her husband Colin, and they sell world-wide from their studio in the Lune Valley on the borders of Lancashire & Cumbria. Wyn’s passion for ancient and pre-history shows through in her work, as it is rich symbolism and meaning.
Goddess Books
Whilst well known for her ceramics, Wyn is also an author and currently writing a series of Goddess books, tracing their stories and symbolism back to their early origins in search of the divine feminine, and following their paths and stories to our relationship with them today.
• The Morrigan: Beneath the Shadow of Her Wings
• Brigid: The Fiery Goddess
• Hekate: Goddess of Liminal Space
• Demeter & Persephone: Goddesses of Harvest & Spring
• Inanna: Goddess of Love (out 2024)


The Shaman’s Hut is run by Lesle Marsh, whom you may recognise as one of our on-line speakers. She brings a refreshing range of Pagan products to the market, as you can see. You can find her blog at
The Shaman’s Hut, Pagan gifts, cards and ethically sourced clothing.


Avi is an Ayurvedic practitioner and consultant. He will be bringing a whole stall of wonderful products that will help you bring balance not just for mind and body, but a way to help you find your optimal balance with Ayurveda. Avi will offer with his skills and experience in his culture and path of holistic wellbeing and lifestyle. Weaving wisdom of the East to western occultism this will branch for both non and magical practitioners alike an opportunity to create a foundation for any path.
Too book an appointment you will find Avi at,, or at the Glasgow Theosophical society for an in person consultation.


Gemini Aspects is an Edinburgh based business in the Pagan Community. They are makers and purveyors of magical gifts, ritual tools, cloaks and robes and can be found on Facebook under Gemini Aspect. They are also the people to see for Pagan Tartan products as one of the original sponsors for the development of the tartan.


Made in Britain by hand, using locally foraged ingredients.
Mead is a drink made entirely from fermented honey and it has been made in Britain for almost 5,000 years. All Rookery meads are based on historical and archaeological evidence, and are made using the same ancient techniques. The Rookery offers a wide and unique range of flavours, going from dry to sweet, from delicate to rich and full-bodied. Flavours are seasonal and change regularly.
The Rookery is a one-man company, born of a passion for brewing and for the early history of Britain.
Online delivery, straight to your door, is available at


Magical supplies rooted in Traditional Scottish Practice. Loose herbs, hand blended incenses, scented candles, altar pieces and more. Find The Bour Tree on Facebook and Instagram and soon to be at thebourtree/


I’ve always been fascinated by the magic of the forge and the abilities of the blacksmith. As a child I loved the stories of epic heroes, the humble blacksmith was often the unknown hero or essential character of these stories. By achieving mastery of their craft, they progressed the heroes’ journey or in some cases became the hero themselves.
In recent years my career and understanding of blacksmithing has merged with my development within the pagan communities. My practice has evolved into the creation of wiccan and pagan artefacts.
You can find me here -


Mental Health Marketplace CIC sells mental health related self care items such as fidgets, coping gadgets like Pickit! stone kits, gifts and books. The aim of the social enterprise is to make self-care for mental health accessible to everyone and we do this by using any profit we make to provide discounted and free self-care items to people facing financial barriers through our Alex Box programme and Hope Tree. We are also building a website to provide free advertising and signposting to community based mental health support groups alongside our own work to raise awareness of the many different types of coping techniques, items and strategies available.


Not your typical Witch Shop. We sell unique Magical supplies that you can't find in any large manufacturer or wholesaler! This means no "generic" oils, spell blends, or high street brands of commercial concoctions! This is because almost every item in our shop is handmade by members of our Coven or local artisans using traditional tools and techniques. We only use the finest ingredients and almost all of our products are Organic, Vegan, and Cruelty free! Plus, most of our products are not to be found in any other Witch store. And if someone stocks our products, we have been the ones who supplied them.
Our product range is keep expanding, adding more categories and product variations, so make sure that you keep an eye for the latest Witchy Supplies!
You can find us here –

Lil Shop of Chaos

The Lil Shop of Chaos, the little shop that couldn't make its mind up!
Serving Spooky all year round the Lil Shop of Chaos aims to serve anyone with a little darkness inside them. From baby goths to elder emos we are sure you will find something you will love in amounts our collection of Pins, Keyrings phone accessories and jewellery


Hi, my name is Annie Begg and my business is Skybird Crafts. I sell unique , unusual and upcycled jewellery, wall art and sundry lifestyle gifts. I will be bringing jewellery, pagan wall art including Celtic batik and ritual items.
I am interested in providing fun and affordable jewellery, accessories and home adornments.


Laura has dedicated herself to the pursuit of understanding, through science, art and her faith tradition. After training and working as a scientist for many years, she focused her energies on painting and illustration in 2018.
Her work to date includes devotional paintings of Deity, as well as more fantastical and witchcraft inspired pieces.
She is constantly inspired by nature and the changing landscapes around her, and this is reflected in her work. She currently lives in Edinburgh, with her partner and menagerie of familiars. When she is not creating she can be found out in the wilds of Scotland, practising yoga, or buried in an esoteric book.
Official Website and Full Portfolio:
Shop and other internet presence:


Wheel of Fate is Edinburgh's home for folk arts and witch crafts. We believe that there is magic in the creative arts, and want to share that magic with you! Our pieces are inspired by heritage crafts, the natural world, myths and folklore. We will be selling handmade brooms of many sizes all made in our Causewayside studio, from altar pieces to decorated ritual brooms to large sweepers.


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