SPF Conference 2024


May 2024

The next Scottish Pagan Conference is taking shape!
The theme this year is the Exoteric, intended for or likely to be understood by the general public. Spirituality can be part of common life and doesn’t always need to reside in occult and hidden meanings. Everyday mundane rituals can be and are as powerful as occult ones. We have invited speakers to remind us of that, so expect a beautiful variety of talks and workshops that will encourage us to find the mystical in the ordinary.
We are still in the process of compiling the line up so, if you are a speaker / run workshops and wanting to reach out, send a quick email introducing yourself at conference@scottishpf.org. We invite speakers from all backgrounds, disciplines, gender expressions, sexualities, ages and abilities.
The beauty of the theme this year is that you do not necessarily need to call yourself a “Pagan” to participate (as we are aware this term can be exclusionary in some circumstances). We are really interested in how ritual practice can spill in all sorts of disciplines and practices.
Members price tickets will be soon released to SPF members, then tickets will be released to the general public. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for further announcements!


Brightest Blessings,


 The SPF Team

The Scottish Pagan Federation is a democratic organisation dedicated to supporting Pagans in Scotland, raising issues affecting Pagans to relevant bodies, and promoting tolerance, respect and understanding of Paganism.

The Scottish Pagan Federation logo. Two thistles are in the silhouette of a tree. There is a sun and crescent moon and the letters S, P, F.
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