Your membership supports us to campaign for Pagan rights and equality among other faiths. We engage with various organisations and governmental bodies to raise awareness of issues affecting Pagans in Scotland and to manifest change.

Your membership fee helps us to maintain our website, email, and to cover costs for our annual conference, which provides an opportunity for Pagans to hear talks and meet others. This also includes costs for things such as Survey Monkey, which allowed us to conduct the Pagan discrimination research.

Our membership prices are for annual membership.

You can pay by credit/debit card.

To apply for membership or purchase a conference ticket, please click on an option below:

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In the last twenty years, Scottish Pagan Federation have:

  • Became a standing member of the Scottish Government’s Faith and Belief Representative Group.
  • Successfully campaigned for a Pagan tick box on the 2022 Scottish Census.
  • Enrolled with Volunteer Scotland, allowing us to perform PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) checks for officers supporting children or protected adults, such as our Youth Officer or Mental Health and Wellbeing Officer.
  • Led a Pagan Prayer at the Interfaith Scotland COP26 Vigil in 2021.
  • Conducted the Pagan Discrimination Survey to understand Pagan experiences of discrimination in Scotland.
  • Successfully campaigned for legal Pagan weddings, we now have twenty celebrants around Scotland who can perform legal Pagan weddings.
  • Successfully campaigned for same-sex marriage, all our celebrants can perform weddings for couples of any gender.
  • Gained representation on Interfaith Scotland.
  • Campaigned for a Pagan tick box in the 2001 census and then carried out detailed analysis of the religious responses to provide the first ever official figures of Pagans in Scotland.
  • Challenged Pagan defamation in the media and worked with media to provide accurate information about Pagan practices.


Becoming a member of the Scottish Pagan Federation gives you:

  • The ability to vote for the Elected Members in Scottish Pagan Federation elections
  • A subscription to eSPIN, our digital magazine which is published four times a year. You can see examples of previous eSPIN issues in the menu.
  • Reduced ticket prices for our annual conference and family-friendly camp
  • A greater voice among government and public services


You do not need to a member of the Scottish Pagan Federation to contact any of our officers, such as our Chaplains, LGBT+ Officer or Mental Health and Wellbeing Officer or to attend any of our events.

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