Multi-Faith Celebration

Matthew Cormack with the Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf.

The SPF attended a Multi-Faith Celebration

July 2023

Over the last year the Scottish Pagan Federation has been an active member of the Scottish Government's Faith and Belief Representative Group. The group's purpose is for different faith communities within Scotland to be able to discuss issues facing their communities and how we can work together to address these. Our Deputy Presiding Officer, Matt Cormack, attends these meetings on behalf of the SPF.


Our Deputy Presiding Officer was formally invited to attend a Multi-Faith Celebration at Edinburgh Castle hosted by Scotland's First Minister, Humza Yousaf. The event took place on Thursday the 22nd of June.


Prior to the event beginning the Scottish Government's Faith and Belief Team formally introduced Matt and the First Minister. The First Minister was interested to hear about the growing number of Pagans in Scotland. He also loved the Pagan tartan tie that Matt was wearing.


We are grateful to the First Minister for inviting us to attend the Multi-Faith Celebration and look forward to continuing to engage with the Faith and Belief Representative Group.


Brightest Blessings,


 The SPF Team

The Scottish Pagan Federation is a democratic organisation dedicated to supporting Pagans in Scotland, raising issues affecting Pagans to relevant bodies, and promoting tolerance, respect and understanding of Paganism.

The Scottish Pagan Federation logo. Two thistles are in the silhouette of a tree. There is a sun and crescent moon and the letters S, P, F.
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