Our Plans For The SPF

By Steffy VonScott, Jan 22 2019

Welcome to the new and improved Scottish Pagan Federation website! It’s an exciting time for us to see some of our strategies come into existence and we are delighted that this new website will help us align with our community support network, and aimed at connecting and showcasing you, our wonderful Scottish Pagan community. It’s been quite a journey getting here, but there is so much more still to achieve.

Let me just start off by saying I am deeply honoured to have been elected as your new Presiding Officer. I would also like to congratulate our newly elected Deputy Presiding Officer, Jennifer Connolly, who I know works tirelessly for our organisation. Between us, we plan to achieve a great deal going forward. We already have a lot of exciting plans in place, and this website is just a tiny part of all that. One of the things I am very passionate about is forging bonds and building bridges in the Pagan community here in Scotland and working to make our community stronger.

For that to happen we need to start talking more as a faith community and supporting each other, and as a faith representing organisation we need to start listening. That first step began with the discussion sessions we ran throughout last year’s conference. It was off the backs of those sessions that we were able to launch our new community support groups across Facebook. From Pagan parents, disability, LGBTQIA+ Pagans, mental health, Pagan handfastings and much more. We hope these groups will act as support networks to help better connect the community.

We hope to also build stronger links with Pagan shops, artists, groups, and moots, which are the lifeblood that keeps our community connected, and we are developing this website to ensure we can showcase all of the above.

We have already started listening to what our community wants, and have decided to add an additional annual event, this time in the form of a new family-friendly event in the west of Scotland. This will complement the SPF Conference, held in the south east of Scotland and the SPF Summer Camp held in the north.

We also want to celebrate the successes of our community and we will be launching our new Scottish Pagan Community Awards. There have been many great contributions to the recognition of Paganism in the past few years alone. The awards will help us to recognise those Pagans who have made a difference to Paganism in Scotland, regardless of whether they are a member of the SPF or not. It is my hope that by creating these awards we go in some way to acknowledging these great achievements. These people are the true stars of our community and they deserve our thanks and praise.

We have so many more exciting plans for the future, and we hope you join us on that journey.