Pagan Census Results

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Pagan Census Results

May 2024

Paganism is now the 4th biggest religion in Scotland.
The 2022 Scottish census results on religion have finally been released.
After over a decade of the Scottish PF campaigning for a Pagan Tick Box, to better capture the number of Pagans here in Scotland more accurately, we now have our figures more accurately captured.
According to the census data collected, there are 19,113 Pagans in Scotland. This is an increase from the previous census that was 5,194 in 2011.
Scottish PF Presiding officer Matt Cormack responded:
"The census results are striking. Paganism is now the fourth largest faith group in Scotland and has grown rapidly in the last decade. It is exciting to think about so many people building their own unique connections to the divine or nature. In recent years there have been significant strides forward such as the Scottish Pagan Federation joining the Scottish Government's Faith and Belief Representative Group, a Pagan tick box on the census, and a Pagan delivering the Time for Reflection at the Scottish Parliament. I sincerely hope that this progress and the census results will be a symbol for Pagans to know that our various, diverse paths are being recognised and respected."
The first Scottish Census outputs on religious identity became available on the 21st of May. The number of Pagans has almost quadrupled since 2011 and now stands at 19,113 or 0.35% of population, making it the fourth largest faith group in Scotland.
In part, this is due to the Scottish Pagan faith community growing in number, but is also likely to be a consequence of the new Pagan tick box both encouraging and making it easier for Pagans to identify themselves.


Brightest Blessings,


 The SPF Team

The Scottish Pagan Federation is a democratic organisation dedicated to supporting Pagans in Scotland, raising issues affecting Pagans to relevant bodies, and promoting tolerance, respect and understanding of Paganism.

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