Scottish Pagan Federation Online Conference 2022


Pagan Pride - The SPF's Anniversary online event

held on 19 March 2022

- the YouTube video of each talk remains linked below -

Welcome Address and Keynote Talk

10.00 am - Welcome Address - Steffy Von Scott - SPF Presiding Officer - Pride in Paganism

10.15 am - Keynote Talk - Vivianne Crowley - From 'Wicca' to 'Wild Once' - Pagan Spirituality Today

Mental Health and Wellbeing - live panel discussion

1.00 pm Paganism and Mental Health Discussion Panel with SPF Mental Health Officer Matt Cormack and Special Guest Speakers: Lucia Harrington & Archie Hamilton

Witch Trials and Witch Trial Memorials

2.00 pm - Dr Louise Yeoman - A wander through the Scottish witch hunt (further podcasts by Louise on this subject are available at:

2.40 pm - Helen Woodford-Dean - SPF Deputy Presiding Officer - The Orkney Witchcraft Memorial

Historic moments and Archive Footage

Interfaith Engagement

3.30 pm - Linda Haggerstone - SPF National Interfaith Officer - Let's talk about Interfaith Dialogue

3.50 pm - John Macintyre - Our Journey into Interfaith Recognition

Closing Address and the very earliest history of Pagan Federation

5.00 pm - Sarah Kerr - Pagan Federation President - 50 years of the Pagan Federation

5.45 pm - Prudence Jones - Pagan Federation Campaigns - Pagan Federation Campaigns - A Memoir

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